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Las Vegas | 13-16 June 2022
Snowflake Select Services Partner
Snowflake Summit 2022

Snowflake brings together the world of Data collaboration at snowflake summit 2022, Live in las Vegas

Join Infostretch for Snowflake’s fourth and the largest user conference to date on 13-16 June 2022 in Las Vegas! This year’s summit will feature four days filled with 10 tracks, 250 sessions, and more to showcase collaboration, learning, and imagination in the Data Cloud.

As an Snowflake Select Services Partner, our primary mission is accelerating digital efforts for our customers through data-led innovation. We achieve this by marrying Snowflake offerings with our expertise in domain and data cloud engineering.

Infostretch, a Snowflake Select Services Partner

Infostretch combines its expertise in cloud, data warehousing, and data analytics to help users get the most value out of the Snowflake platform. We also leverage our experience in banking, financial services, insurance and healthtech to build industry-specific applications for Snowflake that can deliver more meaningful data insights.

Infostretch Data Services For The Snowflake Data Cloud Platform

Known as Data and Analytics Service Line, our deep technical knowledge and accumulated expertise from thriving partnerships powers our abilities in the data and Snowflake ecosystem. It’s why we’re renowned across the world for the delivery of outstanding projects.

Infostretch offers end-to-end migration and implementation services for Snowflake Data Cloud including design, data preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimization. We are constantly enabling data economy for enterprises through business and managed cloud consumption solutions.

Our Snowflake offerings include:

Snowflake advisory & strategy service
Advisory &
Snowflake blueprinting service
Snowflake acceleration and migration service
Snowflake optimal operations
Snowflake adoption solutions
Snowflake factory model for migration
Factory Model
For Migration
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