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We leverage data and analytics in every engagement to speed cycle time, increase efficiency, and reduce risk
Meeting customer needs across the digital lifecycle

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go digital

Launch &

Go digital

We deliver new initiatives, quickly
and agilely
and with less risk

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Be digital

We create the automation infrastructure and
foundation to scale your digital initiatives

Evolve digital

BE intelligent &

Evolve digital

Our engineers leverage data and analytics in every
engagement to continuously improve your digital delivery processes

We make your digital ideas a reality with a proven methodology that incorporates continuous intelligence for smarter, faster, more efficient development

Our digital
engineering expertise

Digital strategy
As you look to get your digital project off the ground, Infostretch helps refine your project goals and puts the capabilities in place for fast and flexible experimentation. This includes digital blueprinting, ideas for new forms of digital customer engagement, quick prototyping, plans for agile transformation, and new product strategy – all with clear business outcomes defined.
Creative & UX
Infostretch offers end-to-end creative and UX services including adaptive intelligent interfaces, interactive experiences, and user interface automation. We also have experience with the latest tools such as Adobe, Sketch, Flinto and more.
Digital Engineering
Infostretch provides end-to-end product development lifecycle services in mobile, IoT, voice and other digital technologies to enhance user engagement for both consumer and enterprise use cases. This includes strategy, blueprinting, development and deployment, ready-made solutions to accelerate go to market and Agile/Scrum development.
DATA Analytics
Infostretch provides end-to-end data analytics services including data science, data aggregation, consumption, ETL, cloud Ops and more. These services can be leveraged across all stages of data management.
Test Automation
Infostretch was an early innovator in the test automation domain and the team has strong capabilities in quality engineering, digital testing/QA, validation & verification, and the latest test automation technologies. Offerings include strategy and road mapping, end-to-end digital assurance services, advanced testing, and AI-enabled test automation.
Cloud Engineering
Infostretch offers comprehensive cloud engineering capabilities to support customers’ digital initiatives including quick cloud migration, microservices migration, service discovery, and public/private cloud optimization. Our partnership with AWS also equips us to unearth the full potential of the platform for our clients.
DevOps Services
Infostretch enables clients to accelerate their digital initiatives with a continuous process of delivery, integration and testing as a core part of their Agile and DevOps strategy. This enables the delivery of production-ready code to market faster, more efficiently, and with less risk. We also use real-time insights to continuously improve KPIs.
Technology Infrastructure
Infostretch uses its extensive experience in digital to help clients put the right infrastructure and processes in place for high performance, scalability and agility. This includes digital foundation, architecture, Agile processes, and security.
Expertise in Emerging Tech
We continue to experiment with the latest technology innovations to find high-value use cases for our clients.
Quality at the Core
Infostretch built its reputation by helping companies bake quality into their digital development processes from the start. This ensures you get digital right the first time.
Our technical depth and breadth enables us to respond quickly to customer requirements in uncertain business condition and deliver scalable digital outcomes.
Agile Squads
Specialized, cross-functional teams move across projects as requirements evolve. The result is greater speed, agility, collaboration, creativity and resource flexibility.
Intelligent Automation
Infostretch’s deployment methodology is fueled by continuous data and insights enabling ongoing improvements in efficiency, decision making, resource utilization and cycle time.
Technology Accelerators
We have invested in unique platforms, solutions and frameworks to accelerate the delivery of digital services while reducing your costs and risk.
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