Vinu Venkatesh

Group CFO & Chief Administrative Officer
Vinu is known among his colleagues as a transformational leader. He believes strongly in fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement where team members feel heard and valued for their contributions.

Throughout his career he has excelled in crafting and executing short and long-term strategies that bridge the gap between financial and operational objectives.

During his 20+ year tenure at Cognizant, he was recognized with an “Award of Excellence” for his innovative approach to financial and operational controls leading to margin improvement. In prior roles as CFO of individual Business Units of Cognizant he focused on financial planning, forecasting, strategic deal pricing & acquisitions.

As Chief Administrative Officer and at Apexon, he is responsible for driving all financial actions that impact 6,000+ employees across 13 offices worldwide.

He graduated with a BSc in Mathematics from The University of Madras, holds an MBA in finance from the Institute of Management Studies at the University of Indore and MS from CUNY New York.